Orchestrate CLI Commands


sigopt cluster run

[-r/--run-file RUN_YML_FILE]

[-p/--project PROJECT_ID]


Execute a Run on your cluster.

sigopt cluster optimize

[-r/--run-file RUN_YML_FILE]

[-e/--experiment-file EXPERIMENT_YML_FILE]

[-p/--project PROJECT_ID]


Execute an AI Experiment on your cluster. See the Experimentation documentation for information on creating Experiment YAML files.

sigopt cluster clean

Clean out the images in the remote Docker environment.

sigopt cluster status


Stop an in-progress Run or AI Experiment. Use the identifier run/[id] and experiment/[id] to stop a Run and AI Experiment respectively.

sigopt cluster status


Show the status of a Run or AI Experiment on the cluster. Use the identifier run/[id] and experiment/[id] to check the status of a Run and Experiment respectively. Provide no arguments to check the status of the cluster.

sigopt cluster test

Test that the cluster is ready and accessible.

sigopt cluster test-run

[-r/--run-file RUN_YML_FILE]

[-p/--project PROJECT_ID]


Start a run on the cluster and show debugging information and logs. Accepts the same arguments as sigopt cluster run.

sigopt cluster connect -n/--cluster-name NAME

[--provider [aws


[--kubeconfig KUBECONFIG]

[--registry REGISTRY]

sigopt cluster create

[-f/--filename CLUSTER_YML_FILE]

Create your cluster using the SigOpt Cluster YAML file.

sigopt cluster destroy

Destroy the connected cluster. Only AWS clusters created with this CLI are supported.

sigopt cluster disconnect

Disconnect from the connected cluster.

sigopt cluster install-plugins

Install/update plugins installed, used to prepare BYO clusters.

sigopt cluster update -f/--filename CLUSTER_YML_FILE

Update the cluster configuration or update to a new version. Only for AWS clusters provisioned by the SigOpt CLI.

sigopt cluster kubectl [KUBECTL_ARGS ...]

Access Kubectl commands through the SigOpt CLI to debug issues with your orchestrated jobs.

Check out the full Orchestrate reference here.

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