Installation and Setup

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$ pip install sigopt

Configure API Token

$ sigopt config
SigOpt API token (find at XYZ123
Log Collection
 This will capture and upload the standard output and standard error of your
 Runs so that you can view them on the SigOpt dashboard.
Enable log collection [y/N]: y
Code Tracking
 This will record and upload the content of your code so that you can view it
 on the SigOpt dashboard.
 The source code hash from your VCS (ie. Git) will be recorded even if this
 option is disabled.
Enable code tracking [y/N]: y

You may override the config by setting the SIGOPT_API_TOKEN environment variable.

The above installation guidelines will set you up to use SigOpt Runs, SigOpt AI Experiments, and SigOpt Orchestrate.

Orchestrate Set Up

To set up your Cloud Service Provider Cluster to use SigOpt Orchestrate, go to the Manage your Infrastructure section.

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